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There was once a brave young Russian Toy Terrier. His name was Cher KIT. He had long thick fur which was black and tan. He was very proud of the beautiful fringes on his ears and he happily held his perfectly curved tail upright.

One day he left Moscow to live with his new mistress in Westend in Munich. Every day he went with her for a walk in the Bavaria Park. At the same time he was being observed by the photographer Steven Daniel who lived by the park, in a house, on the fifth floor, where he had his photo studio. He was sitting at the window, having breakfast with his partner and three models. As they had never seen a Russian Toy Terrier before, they were trying to figure out what kind of a creature it could be walking down there on a lead, perhaps a long-legged field mouse or a guineapig?

Then at last Steven was able to meet KIT in the Bavaria Park. He saw a wonderful miniature dog and the owner told him that KIT came from Russia and about the history of the Toy Terrier. From this day onwards they met more often and Steven and KIT became good friends. Steven talked about it at home. By now, he knew about paintings in the olden days in Russia where High society ladies had paintings made of them with their ToyTerriers. But no one knew such paintings and what they looked like.

So the models made the suggestion, to make once again such a picture together with KIT. But only one of the models could be photographed and so Steven Daniel decided the model who could find the most beautiful Russian dress in Munich would have her picture taken with KIT.

The three models then started to search. They searched in their cupboards, in the attic, in a second hand shop and in the best boutiques in Munich.

The first model brought a wonderful blue dress made from silk chiffon, like it was ready to be worn at the Wiener opera ball.

The cut was figure accentuating and the material was embroided with single Swarovski stones. But unfortunately it did not have the charisma searched for. It did not look Russian.

The second model brought an elegant green silk dress with a fur stola, the skirt was wide and flared. The material from Taffeta giving a very elegant appearance and the upper part of the dress was embroided in a Arabesia pattern with lots of little pearls and gems. But lest, it still did not look Russian, it was too modern.

But then the third model came, Michaela, and she brought a red dress with a flowery pattern and it had glorious laces on the arms. The corsage was cut for a queen and a beautiful satin band flowed from the decolletee to the waist.

The material of the crinoline was very heavy but because of the flowers it appeared gracious and had presence at the same time. So the photographer decided that this models' picture would be taken with KIT.

On the next day the model Michaela came with her red BMW Roadster Z1 to pick up KIT for the photo shooting. And KIT the brave Russian Toy Terrier was very pleased to see her. Without hesitation he jumped in the car and then sat down very proudly next to her on a black leather seat to enjoy the drive to the hotel where the photographs would be taken.

On this day instead of dinner there was KITs' favourite treats, namely little cheese pieces, and for cheese KIT was always willing to give everything. He listened attentively to the voice of his photographer and the signals of his mistress and placed himself exactly on the Model Michaelas' lap, who was in the meantime perfectly made-up, in the splendid Russian dress and sitting on an Art nouveau couch. He was not afraid at all to walk on the rustling skirt, and then, to sit or lie there in the different positions. And also the flash did not bother him at all. He knew, that everything depended on him and he was the absolute center of attention, and after each photo lots of praise was given and the best thing was namely cheese.

After one hour his owner was totally exhausted. But Cher KIT was not tired at all. Nevertheless the photographer finished the photoshooting. He was really pleased with the results. He was able to make a lot of good photos. And also Michaela was entirely happy.

When KIT and his exhausted mistress were back at home, she simply went to bed to catch up on a late midday sleep. KIT took a look at this and decided to take a nap as well. He settled down behind his mistresses pillow and closed his eyes contentedly.
He knew now, one day he would become famous.

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